Bullet Points

Professional life has become a whirlwind of activity. Be it as an owner, manager, entrepreneur or employee, long hours are the norm and the need to quickly and effectively problem-solve is paramount to success. Put simply, success in the modern business environment requires our managing more people, more information, and more crises than ever before.

Bullet Points was designed and written to help the reader make sense of this chaos. Utilizing a comparative approach, the book presents a familiar “framework” of analogies that can be used in the critical first step of clarifying and prioritizing the problems – once identified and structured, these problems are fundamentally easier to address, with pragmatic, less emotional solutions. Business issues are dealt with faster and more objectively, providing the much needed advantage in dealing with your competition.  

Bullet Points was also written with the certainty that regardless of one being a “hawk” or “dove”, our military provides an unmatched level of training and discipline to its members. The author feels passionately that these veterans bring incredible value to the U.S. economy and should be recognized for their current and potential contributions. Bullet Points is a unique vehicle to advocate and encourage the hiring, promotion or granting of capital to these U.S. military veterans.

The book uses succinct, well-known military analogies to delineate clear-cut helpful rules for the business community.  These analogies, strategies, and ways of thinking have, through thousands of years of conflict, become embedded into the fabric of our society, creating an easily absorbed, almost reflective approach to most of the business issues we encounter.

Each chapter provides a concise military analogy and compares it to its mirror business issue – providing specific items to watch out for, and decisive, well-proven solutions to resolve the problems.  At the end of the chapter, three or four brief “bullet points” summarize the lessons, providing an easy to remember reference item for the reader.

Bullet Points addresses the commonality between effective military tactics and successful business strategies. Each chapter highlights the proven military element and explains the analogy of the relevant business approach. The chapters conclude with a handful of fundamental “bullet points”, hammering the lesson home.

The chapters fall into seven sections:

  1. Leadership
  2. Troops
  3. Attack and Probe
  4. Defense and Retreat
  5. The Enemy
  6. Your Allies
  7. Tactics and Doctrine.