About the Author

Kevyn DeMartino’s diverse business background features two decades of the core experience illustrated in Bullet Points. As Managing Director of Transition Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm, DeMartino specializes in the recapitalization, acquisition and subsequent management of a portfolio of smaller, entrepreneurially focused firms, ranging from healthcare to retail to light manufacturing.

This exposure to the tribulations of daily company operations inspired him to create a management framework that can be applied in any type of business environment, and at any level of management or ownership. Combining this knowledge with his long term interest and knowledge of military history, he created Bullet Points as an easy to remember, every day manual that can be used to help organize, process and react to the most common internal issues and external threats.

DeMartino hails from a large extended family of business entrepreneurs and military veterans. His father, former Navy Lieutenant Dr. Gaeton DeMartino, has been a successful healthcare entrepreneur for 45 years. His uncle, former Army infantryman John DeMartino, received a Purple Heart in World War II’s Battle of the Bulge. Another uncle, Joe DeFrancesco, served with the Navy on the U.S.S. Idaho and was present at the formal Japanese surrender to Gen. Douglas MacArthur on September 2, 1945. Two uncles, Russell DeMartino (U.S. Army Air Force) and Louis DeMartino (U.S. Army) were killed during World War II. Seven other uncles and cousins served in the military in a variety of capacities.

A military history buff, DeMartino has traveled with his family to countless battlefields and memorials around the globe, debating the battlefield strategies, tactics, successes and failures of military leaders such as Rommel, Patton, MacArthur and Robert E. Lee. With each battle and war dependent on the troops fighting them, his interests logically extended into training, discipline, morale, equipment and leadership - all core concepts of the business analogies found in Bullet Points.

DeMartino holds a BA from The University of Texas and a MBA from The Wharton Business School. Further information on his background and his firm can be found at www.tcplp.com


DeMartino’s role as Managing Director of Transition Capital Partners allows him to work closely with entrepreneurs to implement the same strategies found in Bullet Points.

Business owners who desire to gain liquidity through either a sale or recapitalization are encouraged to contact him directly at kevyn@bulletpoints.org.

Further information on Transition Capital can be found at www.tcplp.com.